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Pharmaceutical Redistribution

When you partner with us, your pharmacy, hospital or clinic benefits from efficient drug redistribution in Kenya.

Pharma Redistribution Program

Unused stocks of medicines and equipment can create waste management problems. As the pressures of the pandemic eases, organizations can minimize the impact of waste by monitoring expiry dates, training local staff on disposal and redistribution of these products. The Pharma redistribution program gives key industry players a platform where saleable and/or short-dated (at least 3 months) medicines can be redistributed preventing the accumulation of pharmaceutical waste in the environment.

With seasonality of disease, consistent change in morbidity patterns, disease outbreaks and challenges in inventory management, organizations find themselves with medicines that they are unable to consume. This leads to widespread losses in both inventory and disposal costs in relation to expired medicines.

This program therefore gives you a platform where you can avail these medicines to institutions that need them, helping save a life and at the same time helping you save on storage and disposal costs related to expired medicines. Sign up for the Pharma redistribution program.