Pharvers LTD

Our Core Values


We believe in the power of synergy i.e., the overall is bigger than the sum of its parts. When two or more collaborate towards the same objective the result is better than if individuals worked separately.

Environmental stewardship

We believe that we are all gate keepers of our environment and we should focus on implementing work structures that ensure we do not negatively impact it.

Data & Technology

We believe in leveraging on data and technology in making sound managerial and operational decisions and improving overall performance whilst remaining competitive.

Continuous improvement

We believe in the Kaizen model of 5s of Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Organizations must always remain steadfast in improving their overall efficiency and effectiveness in dynamic business environments

Customer satisfaction

The customer is the heart and soul of the business and therefore maximum effort should be put in place to ensure their needs are met.


We believe in providing and sustaining high quality of service in all that we do.