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Pharmaceutical supply chain disruptions have been experienced for decades. Whether it is the pandemic, the Suez Canal blockade or even trade wars, these systems have constantly been exposed to various levels of risks that could potentially spell enormous financial losses or even worse. Creating resilience within these supply chains is a key element that Pharvers strives to achieve for you ensuring you return to position of balance after experiencing such disruptions as well as through risk monitoring and control

Pharvers supply chain strategy and operations consulting provide a solution on emerging complex challenges of pharmaceutical supply chains with the goal of maximizing the overall value generated from these supply chains. We target to align your overall business strategy with your supply chain capabilities and strategy thereby improving your overall corporate performance through helping you develop end to end visibility, resiliency and digitization.

What Pharvers can do for you?

Inventory Optimization

Pharmaceutical inventory can be an asset as well as a liability to your firm depending on how you manage it. If you have an excess of this inventory, you are susceptible to excessive financial losses and disposal costs through expired medicines. If you have a low level of it, you risk having low customer service levels thereby losing your clients to your competition. At Pharvers we work with you to find optimal inventory strategies to ensure you meet your target customer service levels as well as return on investment. We as well target to improve your supply chain efficiency and responsiveness through seeking and establishing optimal inventory policies for your organization.

Demand forecasting

At Pharvers we work with you to predict sales and use of medicines so they can be procured or manufactured at the right levels. Demand forecasting is a key concept for success of pharmaceutical supply chains particularly during alignment with supply capability. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods of forecasting while minimizing forecast errors as well as bias by being data-driven rather than goal driven. The Pharvers forecasting framework starts with establishing the purpose, aggregation and time horizon of your forecast. Thereafter we visualize historical demand data, we select the right forecast model, prepare the data and do testing. The process culminates with performing the forecast and creating a pathway of continuous improvement.

Sales and operational planning (S&OP)

Sales and operations planning refers to “the process of developing tactical plans that provide management the ability to strategically direct its businesses to achieve competitive advantage through integrating customer-focused marketing plans for new and existing pharmaceutical products with the management of the supply chain. The process brings together all the plans for the business (sales, marketing, development, manufacturing, sourcing and financial) into one integrated set of plans.” -APICS (The Association of Supply Chain Management)

Pharvers recognizes the importance of S&OP in demand and supply alignment in the face of uncertainty in a dynamic pharmaceutical business environment. We therefore work closely with you to ensure establishment of congruence between demand forecasts and supply/finance capabilities & constraints within your organization.  This we do while ensuring constant open communication between the critical departments to ensure consensus and buy-in.

Supply chain risk management

Just like any industry, the pharmaceutical industry is exposed to uncertainty in form of risks. Risk creates both threats and opportunities that could affect the overall trajectory of your business, as shown by the COVID pandemic. Expired medicines, financial losses and even risk of litigation are some common threats that face pharmaceutical corporations. At Pharvers we understand that acknowledging the existence of these risks is the first step but not the only step in shielding your organization against these events that could affect the flow of your medicines, money or information culminating in losses across your supply chain. We work with you in a distinct framework involving identification of these risks, assessing & classifying them, developing for you a risk response plan and allowing you to execute the same.

Transportation & Warehousing Consulting

At Pharvers we work with you to develop a comprehensive transportation strategy that ensures efficient pharmaceutical product movements through efficient use of time, money while ensuring minimal impact to the environment. Through understanding your organization’s transportation constraints and the tradeoffs needed Pharvers helps you adequately forecast your transportation capacity needs allowing you to acquire the right number and transportation modes or engaging the right 3PL/4PL providers.

We work with you to develop the right warehousing strategy for you. This includes the type (owned vs leased) as well as the right number and location of your warehouses. We help you develop the right warehouse design, capacity and pharmaceuticals handling strategy. Pharvers acknowledges the importance of automation in today’s digital world hence we guide you on the incorporation of the appropriate mechanized and automized systems in your warehouse. These include use of towlines, automated guided vehicle systems as well as automated storage and retrieval systems which aim at reducing your variable costs.

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